Hi, I'm Dustin

and I'm currently in Portland, Or

July: Saskatchewan, Canada



Hi, I'm Dustin

and I'm currently in Portland, Or

July: Saskatchewan, Canada


I'm Dustin, and I'm an adventurer.  

If there is a mountain pass, I'd like to be over it.  If there is a dark street full of street food vendors, I want to pull up a plastic chair and eat it all.  If there is a story, I want to find it.

I have a full life, and I want more.  I'm looking for a partner in crime.





My Details

Status: Single
Orientation: Straight, sapiosexual
Age: 38
Height: 5′7″ (1.70m)
Body Type:  Fit
Diet: Anything (pretty much)
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Religion: Atheist
Job: Technology / Travel / Photography
Offspring: Doesn’t have kids, and doesn’t want any
Speaks:  English (Fluently), French (a bit), Burmese (a bit)



Weird > Normal
Interesting > Good


  • Amazing people

  • Connection

  • Sharing food

  • Travel

  • Tiny Houses (I'm building one)

  • Ice cream

  • Creative photography

  • Hiking

  • Spicy food

  • Finding out how stuff works

  • Personal growth

  • Piano (listening, and hopefully playing)

  • Deep conversations

  • Indie and documentary film

  • Adventure

  • Cheese

  • Cuddles

  • Live theatre

  • TV shows that were cancelled too soon






So I've decided to do something a little differently here.

I've always felt that this dating world is a little backwards. Wouldn't it be better if there was a reference system in place like Airbnb, or the inside jacket of that great book you're reading? Where you could tell a bit more about someone from another person, rather than just what someone jots down about themselves?

So instead of telling you about the rather adventurous life I choose to lead, the interesting books I consume, and the cool projects I work on, I asked my lovely friends to describe me for you.

Here's what they said:

"Dustin is just as comfortable sitting down for an afternoon discussing the latest documentary or strapping on his boots and heading for the hills. There are few of them left, but Dustin is a true Renaissance man." -Warren

"Some people dream about success and living the life they've always wanted, and others (Dustin very much being one of them) work hard until they achieve both!" - Courtney

"Dustin travels the world, loves documentaries, and climbs mountains in dresses to raise money for charity all for the same reason: he is fascinated by people. He can easily laugh at himself (see: climbing in a dress), but he likes to laugh with other people even more. He loves his mom in the non-creepy kind of way. The sweet way, the one that makes you want to hang out with him and his mom and not dread a holiday dinner together as they hash out old issues like your ex-boyfriends did with their moms. Don't get me wrong, though; he's not a saint. I've seen him knock a monk out of the way to get a great photo in Thailand. But you should totally go out with him anyway. Unless you're a Buddhist. In which case, the monk thing probably make you click off already to another profile." - Betsy

"Smart. Possibly too damned smart." - Wes

"Dustin is a fantastic date! Unfortunately, I don't live in the same city so I can only demand that others experience this on my behalf. Let me date Dustin vicariously through you!" - Liana

"Relaxed, reliable, and funny. Dustin is also a great person to have a pizza party with when you need a night." - Nicole

"Cheeky, funny, sweet and kind. And a kick-ass storyteller/photo-bomber." - Claudia

"streetsmart, fun and adventurous" - Hanna

"Delightfully creative and innovative. Who knows how this might translate into the romantic realm, but a curious soul would certainly be the happier for having explored." - Shawn

'"Can I have 4 words? Ok! 'Be good to him.'"
"and 3 more: 'He's the shit.'" - Aerin

and my friends also have a sense of humor...

"A rock-like slab of a man, Dustin can often be seen leaping tall buildings and crushing rocks between his dumper-truck-like hands. His passage is usually announced by a sonic boom and a round of applause. The man in the street trusts him, and the people in authority fear him. He is the Jean-Claude van Damme of our generation." - Mike

"You should go with Mike's, absolutely spot on" - Phyllis

So there you go. That should tell you a little about me, and the friends in my life.





What I’m doing with my life

Taking pictures, telling stories, creating new things, building ideas, and developing myself.  I'm carving out my own path everyday, with the intent of living a remarkable life.

When I'm not working on my own projects (I work in tech, travel, and photography) and finding adventure, I'm usually volunteering my time for projects I believe in.

I've lived in 5 countries in the past few years, and I travel often. I typically split my time between Canada, USA, Berlin, Chiang Mai & Myanmar, usually doing the summers in lovely Canada.

And finally, I'm always into surrounding myself with amazing people. I'm a strong believer that you're the average of the people around you.  So if you're really awesome, maybe you should be by my side so I can leech some of it away.





So you've gotten this far...  

You're probably the type of woman who makes things happen.  Maybe you've created the freedom in your life for more.  Maybe you're the location-independent, adventurer type.  

Maybe... we should get in touch.


You should totally reach out if:

You are a smart, savvy, independent gal.

You have a quirky sense of humor.

You want to share in adventures, big and small.

You like to create amazing things.

You like to help others.

You feel alive when you're active.

You believe that communication is key.

You are comfortable in your own skin.

You suffer from (fairly) insatiable wanderlust.

You're not afraid to make the first move. (It's just a message on the internet...)

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Think we might be a match (or curious to chat)?  

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